Welcome to Washington!

Greetings Southeast IHSSA Large Group Speech coaches, parents, and students! We are excited and proud to host you as our guests in sunny Cedar Rapids on February 4th for the SE state large group contest! Please check out our notes to coaches on this homepage before you ask further questions, but if you have further questions, please email Carrie Tinkham, contest manager.

Thank you for supporting our contest, both through patronizing our awesome food choices, and donating at the door (suggested donation of $3). Programs with performance times, centers, and a map are available for $2/each.

A huge THANK YOU to our contest sponsors!

Thank you to Fine Designs for selling State LG Speech Merch at our contest! They will be onsite to make custom orders. Check out their online store.


Coach Information: Please read!

Here are a couple of items we ask you to keep in mind as you prepare for state:

  • Local teams who are NOT taking a bus: Please encourage your students and parents to carpool. We are very limited on parking.
  • If you are in need of risers for choral reading or reader’s theatre or mats for mime, please email Carrie Tinkham ASAP.
  • If you are bringing a prop weapon of any kind, please email Carrie Tinkham. These should be stored in the main office until your performance.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Per IHSSA rules, we are not allowed to give out school codes to anyone. COACHES: please relay your performance times to your parents! Parents often show up shortly before their child’s performance and have no idea what group it is they are looking for. We would hate for them to miss their performance, so please help us with your communication.

The schedule can be found on the schedule page.

  • Please encourage your team and parents to respect our student and parent volunteers. It’s hard work to put on a contest, and our volunteers are doing the best they can.
  • A Note About Technology: For short film and TV News entries, IHSSA rules state that teams must bring their own projection equipment; we are prepared with a screen for you. However, in our Short Film and TV News centers, we will also have a docking station hooked up to a Smartboard and speakers via USB. We will not have players or computers available. We will have guest WiFi available, however please have a technology back up, because you never know!

One Act Lighting and Information

We will have a lighting worker available in each center. They will be able to provide lights up and lights down. We will also provide a cable to plug a computer into the soundboard in the one act play center. If you have any additional questions regarding One Act Play, please contact the contest manager.

Carrie sent an email to all performing One Act groups 1/26 inquiring about needs. If you did not recieve this email, please email Carrie ctinkham@crschools.us.


We will accept cash, check, credit card, and Venmo as payment for entrance donations. We are also able to accept credit and debit card payments and Venmo for food purchases in the cafeteria and at the satellite concession stands. Please make all checks payable to WHS PPA. Thank you for supporting Washington’s Fine Arts booster club!

Parking and Bus Information

Our parking is VERY limited. We ask that all Washington students, parents, and volunteers utilize our satellite parking lot at Cedar Valley Christian Church. We will provide a shuttle.

We also ask that any local teams (Cedar Rapids and Marion area teams) who do NOT bringing a bus please encourage your team members and parents to car pool.

Please only park on the street in designated areas. Please be respectful of our surrounding neighbors. Arrive early to find parking!

We will have parking available for busses on site, and some shuttle lots.

When the bus arrives please enter the circle drive off of Forest Drive SE. Busses/vans with equipment to unload will be directed to the proper door by parking volunteers. Passenger unloading will unload under the arcade.

The students will enter near the gym where they may store their materials. General public, please use the main entrances off of the lot from the south log and under the arcade/skywalk from the north lot. It is easiest for commuting metro students/parents to get to the gym from the south parking lot.

General public parking can be found on some of the side streets surrounding Washington if no spots are available in the parking lots.

Please do not park your bus to load until all your students are ready to go, as this blocks the driveway for other people to use.